Maybe you’ve seen our ads, read our social media posts, and possibly have driven past Piedmont Urgent Care facility.  If you’re unsure of what Piedmont Urgent Care provides, here’s a quick synopsis.

Many people see their primary care physician when needed and view a hospital’s Emergency Room for emergencies.  What do you do when your primary care physician’s schedule is booked and you don’t feel your illness or injury is worth the time and money of an ER visit?  Piedmont Urgent Care is your happy medium option.

Piedmont Urgent Care is a medically equipped facility staffed with medical experts that can treat most emergencies.  The difference between the Emergency Room and Piedmont Urgent Care is that we do not have surgical units, cannot treat serious and life-threatening emergencies, heavy-duty medical requests like blood transfusions and any other requirement demanding intense anesthesia.

What can Piedmont Urgent Care treat?

We can provide sports and school physicals, child wellness checkups, nebulizer treatments and other services when it’s convenient for you.  Our trusted community providers are available 8AM – 8PM every day with walk-in accessibility.  No appointments are needed to be seen and treated as quickly as possible to get you back to your normal routine.

When you seeing your primary care physician isn’t convenient and your illness or injury does not warrant a trip to the Emergency Room, come to Piedmont Urgent Care, 493 Blackwell Road, Suite 101B, Warrenton, VA 20186, 8AM – 8PM Every Day.